Why Does My Honda Civic Beeps Multiple Times And How To Turn It Off?

Does your Honda Civic continuously beep when you are closing the door or walking away from the car? Of course, this will make you concerned that something has gone wrong with the vehicle. You may feel panic and think, “Why does my Honda Civic beep multiple times?”

The Walk Away Auto Lock feature is the most common reason why your Honda Civic beeps multiple times when you walk away. It notifies you that something in your car, such as the door or the hood, is not locked, or you may have forgotten the key fob inside.

However, that is only one reason why your Honda Civic is beeping. Various other problems can also trigger alarm systems. Continue scrolling as I walk you through all the possible reasons why your Honda Civic beeps several times and how you can fix it. 

Why does my honda civic beeps multiple times when I walk away, and how to stop it?


Most Honda Civic owners face beeping problems while walking away from their cars. It occurs as a result of Honda’s Walk Away Auto Lock feature. It ensures that everything in your car is locked when you leave it with the key fob or the smart remote control. This feature is designed to prevent your car from being stolen.

However, if it is unable to lock everything because of an error, your Honda Civic will beep several times to alert you. Some of the reasons why the Walk Away Auto Lock feature triggers the beeps are:

1. A door or the hood is not closed

When you leave the car and go outside the 5-foot radius of the car without closing the door or hood properly, it will start beeping. It happens because leaving the door or the hood open is risky, as thieves can steal the car or the items inside.

You only need to go back to your car and ensure all the doors and the hood are properly closed, and the car will automatically stop beeping.

2. The smart entry remote or the key fob is inside the car

Honda Civic cars come with a smart entry remote or a key fob that helps you control your car from inside and outside. When you are leaving the car, you should take the remote with you so that none can steal your car.

But if you forget the smart entry remote or the fob inside the car, then your Honda Civic will beep. The vehicle is connected to the device with a sensor that will allow it to locate the remote. Now, you should head back to your car, take the remote or the fob out, close the door, and the beeping will stop.

3. You quickly got away from the car

I already told you that if you get away without closing the door, it will start beeping at you. It often happens that you are in a rush, and you push the door after getting out of the vehicle, and you cross the five feet radius before even the door closes properly. It can trigger the beeping.

However, if you have pushed the door properly, the beeping should stop as soon as the door closes and gets locked. But if it doesn’t, head back to the car and close the door properly to stop the beeping.

4. Something is on

If you leave something turned on while leaving the car, it will beep multiple times to notify you. It can be anything from music to the air conditioner. One of my friends was getting a continuous beep from his vehicle for leaving the headlights on.

You need to get back into your car and find what is turned on. When you find out, turn it off, and the beep will go off.

5. Electronic device is interfering with the signal

Have you ever noticed that your television makes a chirping sound when you are receiving a call on your phone? It happens due to signal interference. The same thing happens when your phone interferes with the signal between the car’s sensor and the smart entry remote.

You already know that these devices are connected through a network. Sometimes the phone’s network may interfere with the signal between them, causing your Honda Civic to make strange noises. You do not have to do anything here, as the sound should be gone automatically after a few seconds.

Why does my honda civic beeps multiple times while driving or starting, and how to stop it?

Although it is pretty common that your Honda Civic beeps multiple times while walking away, you can also face the problem while driving or trying to start the car. These beeps are not triggered by the “Walk Away Auto Lock” feature. Then what causes this?

Some of the reasons why your Honda Civic beeps multiple times while starting the car or driving are:

1. The seatbelt is not fastened

Your seatbelt has a safety sensor that will beep if you do not fasten it while starting the car. Maybe you are in a hurry and forgot to fasten the belts; it will beep continuously. Fasten the belt properly, and the beep should stop.

2. Lane departure warning

The lane departure sensor is another safety feature in the Honda Civic. It is intended to warn you if you deviate from the path in order to avoid accidents. If you accidentally leave the road and go sideways, the vehicle will start beeping. Get back on the road, and the beeping will stop.

3. Adaptive cruise control

Adaptive cruise control in the Honda Civic protects your car from hitting another vehicle in front. It automatically accelerates and brakes so that your car does not hit other cars. 

Whenever you get too close to a car in the front, your car’s alarm system will start beeping to warn you about the situation. Get away from the other vehicle and maintain a safe distance to stop the beeping.

4. Damaged gauge cluster bulb

If any of the gauge cluster bulbs are damaged or not turning on, your car will begin beeping to warn you. Check for the bulbs and replace the damaged ones to stop your Honda Civic from beeping. 

5. Faulty sensor system

Your Honda Civic may also beep multiple times for a faulty sensor system. In such a situation, the alarm will unnecessarily beep even if there is no problem. If you find everything okay after checking all the reasons above, then you can ignore the beep or reset the alarm system.

How to identify why your Honda Civic is beeping?

I have mentioned the most common reasons why your Honda Civic may beep multiple times. 

But if you fix those issues and still your car is beeping, then maybe the problem is in the engine. 

Maybe there is faulty wiring, or maybe any part of the gearbox is damaged. In this case, you can use an auto-scanner tool to fix the problem.

A scanner tool with OBD2 specs, such as the MOTOPOWER MP69033 Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader is recommended to get accurate results. Once you have the device, follow the steps below to identify the problem:

Step 1: Connect the OBD2 scanner

First, turn off the car and connect the scanner to the OBD2 connector in your car which you will find on the left side of the dashboard and below the steering column. Then start the engine and let it idle or in neutral. The scanner will show you a message that it is connected.

Step 2: Enter the required information

After connecting the scanner tool, it will ask you to input some information about the vehicle, such as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You should find the number beneath the windshield on the driver’s side.

Step 3: Access the scanner menu for codes

Now, access the menu on the scanner, which will show you some active and pending codes. Active codes indicate problems in the engine, and the pending code means a malfunction in the emission control system.

Step 4: Decode

The device will show you some codes depending on which Honda Civic you are using. Check your vehicle’s user manual to understand what the codes on the scan tool mean. If you have lost the manual, you can search online to learn its meaning. Then fix the problem to stop the beeping sounds.

How do you stop a continuous beep in a Honda Civic?

How do you stop a continuous beep in a Honda Civic

If your Honda Civic is not stopping to beep even after you have fixed everything, you can turn off the alarm system to stop the beeping. You can follow the methods below to stop a continuous beep in a Honda Civic:

Method 1: Using the fob key

Press and hold the panic button on your Civic’s key fob for five seconds, and the red light will start flashing. Now, press the lock button once, and it will reset the alarm system in your Honda Civic, and it will not beep anymore.

Method 2: Disconnect the battery

Also, you can disconnect the battery to turn off the continuous beep in a Honda Civic. First, turn off the ignition and open the front hood. Locate the battery and find the negative terminal. Remove the negative terminal using a wrench and it will disconnect the battery and also stop the beeping sound.


1. Why does my Honda CRV beep several times when I close the door?

Your Honda CRV will beep once when you close the door, indicating the door is locked. But if it beeps several times, that means the door is not locked properly. Open the door and close it again properly to fix the problem.

2. Why does my car alarm beep 3 times?

If your car alarm beeps 3 times, it means either the hood or bonnet is open. Close the bonnet, and you will not have any beeps next time. But if you still hear the beep, it is probably a faulty sensor.

3. Can you turn beeping noise off in Honda’s?

Yes, you can turn off the beeping noise in your Honda. You can use the key fob or disconnect the battery to turn it off. However, your Honda is making beeping noises due to some problems. It is best to find and fix the problem to avoid damage.

4. Do cars stop beeping on their own?

Yes, most cars will stop beeping on their own after a specific period. Usually, the timer is set to 15 to 25 seconds by default. But if the timer is not active, you may need to stop it manually.

5. What causes intermittent beeping or chirping?

Usually, a low battery in cars causes intermittent beeping or chirping. It can also happen due to your smartphone’s network interrupting the signal between the vehicle’s sensors. Moreover, a loose wire nut is another reason behind this noise.