How to Use a Steering Wheel Cleaner to Give Your Car a Brand New Feel

Suppose you are driving your favorite person home, and when she enters your vehicle, she looks at the dirty steering wheel! It can be embarrassing! But it is not necessary to face such a situation. You can use a steering wheel cleaner to clean the dirt or grime from the steering wheel and give it a brand-new feel!

First, spray a little bit of the steering wheel cleaner on the steering wheel and then scrub gently with a brush or microfiber cloth. Let the cleaner sit for a while, and then wipe with a wet towel to have a clean steering wheel.

However, you must pick the right product and follow the detailed instructions or else you can end up damaging the steering wheel cover. Not to worry, as we are here to guide you. Let’s dive into the details to learn everything about using a steering wheel cleaner.

A clean steering wheel gives the whole car a brand new feel!

Does your car feel old?

You can give it a brand-new feeling only by cleaning the steering wheel!

When you spend most of your time in front of the steering wheel, its look will decide how you feel about it. If it looks worn out or is full of dirt and the ladder seems faded out, it will look like a junkyard car.

Some people choose to replace it with a new one.  But that will be a waste of money when you can clean it and make it look like a new steering wheel!

Should I clean my steering wheel?

Yes, you should regularly clean your steering wheel. It will make it look like new for a long time and increase its lifespan.

The steering wheel is undoubtedly the most touched part of a vehicle. The leather or vinyl on it is also quite sensitive. That’s why it tends to get dirty pretty quickly.

Lotion or oil from hand is the key reason why steering wheels get dirty. Besides, when you open the door, dirt and debris come inside and get on the wheel.

Moreover, the harmful rays from the sun also make the color fade out.

If you keep it dirty, then it will give your car an old feel. Besides, an unclean interior never looks good. If you have flu, there is a high chance that germs are crawling on the steering wheel.

Hence, you should clean your steering wheel to get rid of the old look and the germs. Regular cleaning will also make you feel good while driving, as Dr. Brown said:

“Cleaning your space helps you focus on the things you need to and that could potentially improve your mood.”

How often should you clean steering wheel?

You should deep clean your steering wheel at least once a month. However, lightly cleaning it daily with a dry cloth will require deep cleaning after a long gap.

By deep cleaning here, I mean using a proper steering wheel leather cleaner. Some people will tell you to clean too frequently. But it does more harm than good.

The material on the steering wheel is too sensitive, and the daily use of cleaning products will damage it. Hence, you should deep clean it only when you need it.

However, always keep a dry cloth beside the steering wheel and try to clean the wheel and other interiors at least once a day. It will reduce the necessity of deep cleaning.

If you drive daily or the steering wheel gets dirty fast, then deep cleaning once a month is okay. But if you do not drive much and always keep your car’s interior clean, then deep cleaning once every three or four months is also fine.

How do you clean a leather steering wheel?

How do you clean a leather steering wheel

Two of the most popular methods of cleaning a leather steering wheel are a steam cleaner and a leather cleaner. I prefer leather cleaner for its reliability.

If you want to steam clean your steering wheel, you will need to go to a service center, and they will do the job for you. They will try to convince you that it is the best way, but from real-life experience, I can tell you that it has some disadvantages.

Initially, the result of steam cleaners looks good, but in the long term, they can have negative results on the leather. That is why I always prefer using a leather cleaner at home. It is less costly, too.

Now, you are probably thinking, how do you clean your car’s leather steering wheel using a leather cleaner?

I will explain the whole process step-by-step shortly. But before that, you need to gather the items you need for cleaning.

Things you need:

  • Leather cleaner
  • Detailing brush
  • Wet towel
  • Gloves
  • UV protectant

Once you have the item ready, follow the steps below to clean your car’s leather steering wheel:

Step 1: Prepare the area

While you are cleaning the steering wheel, the leather cleaner can spit on other parts of the car too. Use a towel or poly to cover the surrounding areas of the wheel.

Besides, you will also be sitting on the seat while cleaning, and the liquid cleaner can drop on your legs. So, cover your lap, too.

Step 2: Apply leather cleaner

Now, start spraying the leather cleaner on the steering wheel. You need to be careful about what product you are using as the leather is quite sensitive. Later on, in this article, I will tell you how to find the best leather cleaner for the steering wheel.

Continue spraying the leather cleaner on the wheel and brush it with a soft detailing brush. Use a brush such as the Chemical Guys Boar’s Hair Detailing Brush that does not leave marks on the leather.

Never forcefully try to scrub off the dirt or grime. That is because this is the first layer of the cleaner, and our goal is to remove the upper portion of the stain. We will apply another coat later to properly clean the wheel. 

Step 3: Wipe the wheel

Let the leather cleaner sit on the wheel for a couple of minutes and then start wiping it with a wet towel. You also can use a microfiber sponge for wiping, but a wet towel does the job better for me.

Again, it is only the first coat of the cleaner and does not put much pressure on it while wiping the wheel. There will still be some stains once you finish this step.

However, if you regularly clean your steering wheel, then only one coat of the cleaner should be enough.

Step 4: Reapply leather cleaner & wipe

Now, apply the cleaner following the same method explained in step 3 and let the liquid sit for a while. Then again, wipe the whole steering wheel using a wet towel.

This time your steering wheel will look brand new after cleaning twice. But if you still find a stain, you can go for a third round if you want. But remember that using too much cleaner at a time is not safe.

Step 5: Apply UV protectant & finish

After using the leather cleaner, you also should use UV protectant to keep your leather steering wheel safe from harmful UV rays. Use a protectant such as the 303 Automotive Protectant, which is particularly made for vehicles.

Apply the product to the steering wheel and clean it with a dry towel. If it feels sticky or greasy, use a wet towel and then finish with a dry clean.

However, you also can use leather conditioner as an alternative. But ensure that it does not have high alkalinity, or else it can damage the leather.

How do I choose the steering wheel cleaner for you? Why You can put your trust with us?

steering wheel cleaner

Today, I will be reviewing the best steering wheel cleaners for you. But you may doubt us if we are really suggesting the best products or listing a bunch of garbage.

Your doubt is understandable, as more than 80% of online product reviewers are not trustworthy. They just randomly list some products and deceive people.

But when you are buying products for your favorite car, you can not rely on guys like that.

Then why should you trust us? How do we find the best steering cleaner for you?

There are a lot of reasons that separate us from any other typical online reviewer.

Here is how we select the best steering wheel cleaner and the reasons you should trust our review:

  • In-depth research

We have tested hundreds of products to do this review for you. There are many ingredients that are found in leather cleaners that are harmful. We have checked the components to ensure it is safe. The in-depth research of every product allowed us to shortlist only the bests.

  • Real-life user experience

We do not only rely on the product description or what the manufacturers say. Real-life experience is also essential to evaluate if a product is actually worth the money.

We have considered the real-life experience of thousands of users to ensure that these products work well and are safe. The users have shared their opinion on the cleaners, saying the good and bad sides of the product to help us determine which one is the best.

  • Comparative tests

We also ran a comparative test to rank the products. Though all the cleaners in the list are exceptionally good for cleaning the steering wheel, they have some differences that make them suitable for different purposes.

Hence, from our comparative test, we have tried to determine which is the most efficient for which situation and we will share the results with you to make a better decision.

  • Deep insights

Do our reviews help you find the best cleaner for your vehicle’s steering wheel? Yes, it will!

You will get deep insights into each and every product to understand why it is better than others. We will also tell you the negative side of the products to keep them unbiased. If you find any con of a product uncomfortable, you can go for a different product in the list.

  • Experience in the automotive industry

Lastly, we have years of experience in the automotive industry, which makes us reliable in selecting the best leather cleaner for your car.

You can check our site, where I have written tons of articles on different vehicle issues and also reviewed various automotive products.

A comparison Table: Top 5 Best Steering Wheel Cleaners

Steering wheel cleanerRecommended forPrice
CAR GUYS Super Cleaner | Effective Car Interior Cleaner | Leather Car Seat CleanerAll purpose cleaner (Overall Best Steering Wheel Cleaner)Click here
Adam’s Leather Care Kit – Leather Cleaner & Leather ConditionerAffordable & Best Steering Wheel Cleaner for the MoneyClick here
Chemical Guys SPI22016 Total Interior Cleaner for Cars, Trucks, SUVs Combination of Interior Cleaner & Conditioner for cleaning & protectionClick here
Carfidant Ultimate Leather Cleaner for Automotive InteriorsEco-friendly & odorless steering wheel cleanerClick here
Sonax (206141) Upholstery and Alcantara CleanerSpecialized cleaner for Alcantara steering wheelsClick here

Unbiased Users’ Guides and reviews About steering wheel cleaner:

The above table gives you only a short overview of the steering wheel cleaners. If you are in a rush, you can pick any cleaner from the table.

But I will recommend you make your final decision based on the detailed review.

Here are unbiased user guides and reviews about the top 5 steering wheel cleaners:

1. CAR GUYS Super Cleaner | Effective Car Interior Cleaner | Leather Car Seat Cleaner (Best Overall/All purpose cleaner)

CAR GUYS Super Cleaner

Key specs:

  • Brand: CAR GUYS
  • Application areas: Genuine leather, carpet, upholstery, canvas, awning fabric, PU, faux, vinyl, plastic, rubber, finished wood trim and metals
  • Sizes available: 18oz/128oz
  • Package includes: A bottle of CAR GUYS Super Cleaner & a high-quality microfiber towel

CAR GUYS Super Cleaner uses a nanotechnology formula to make a cleaner that cleans stains on the steering wheel from deep inside. It goes to the molecular level and takes out all the dirt and grimes with maximum efficiency.

If you ask anyone about the top steering wheel cleaner, they will always recommend CAR GUYS first. When you compare it with other brands, such as Adam’s Leather Care, you can not use that on all kinds of surfaces.

But CAR GUYS cleaner is suitable for all types of surfaces in the car’s interior and exterior. Even if you are looking for full car detailing or wash, CAR GUYS Super Cleaner is a perfect choice.

You do not need to dilute the product for use. Apply directly on the steering wheel, and it will do the job.

According to our test, CAR GUYS Super Cleaner is the best overall all-purpose cleaner for the sterling wheel as well as various other types of surfaces.


  • It cleans grease and stains from any surface super fast
  • It does not require scrubbing the surface much, which prevents scratches
  • It works equally well for both light and deep stains
  • It has a nice smell and spreads well inside the car
  • It does not leave greasy residues after cleaning


  • The bottle quality is not good, and some customers received leaked bottles
  • It sometimes leaves white stains on black surfaces if used with water

2. Adam’s Leather Care Kit – Leather Cleaner & Leather Conditioner (Best Leather cleaner for the money)

Adam’s Leather Care Kit

Key specs:

  • Brand: ‎Adam’s Polishes
  • Application areas: Leather & vinyl
  • Sizes available: 16oz
  • Package includes:  A Leather & Interior Cleaner and a Leather Conditioner

If you want a steering wheel cleaner that is specifically made for leather, then Adam’s Leather Care Kit is the perfect choice for you. It efficiently cleans stains from leather surfaces and gives a shiny appearance.

The cleaner is quite strong to remove stains but is delicate enough not to harm the sensitive leather on your car’s steering wheel.

The kit comes with a cleaner and a conditioner. First, clean the leather using the cleaner and then use the conditioner to protect the leather from fading.

You can use the CAR GUYS Super Cleaner on every surface, but Adam’s Leather Kit is only suitable for leather and vinyl. That is why we listed it in the second position.

But it is cheaper than the CAR GUYS Super Cleaner. That is why Adam’s Leather Care Kit is our choice for the best leather steering wheel cleaner for the money.


  • The combination of cleaner & conditioner provides a nice sheen on the leather after cleaning
  • The conditioner leaves a pleasant scent inside the vehicle after each use
  • It does not leave any greasy finish on the leather
  • The shiny effect and the new leather smell remain long and give a brand new feel for an extended period
  • The cleaner is soft and does not harm the leather


  • The conditioner has an excessive shine that some people do not like
  • The nozzle is slightly tough to use

3. Chemical Guys SPI22016 Total Interior Cleaner for Cars, Trucks, SUVs

Chemical Guys SPI22016 Total Interior Cleaner

Key specs:

  • Brand: Chemical Guys
  • Application areas: Leather, vinyl, plastic, carpet, cloth, glass, and wood
  • Sizes available: 16oz
  • Package includes: A bottle of Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner and Protectant 

If you want the cleaner and the conditioner in the same pack, then Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner and Protectant can be the perfect choice for you. It reduces the hassle of applying for extra UV protection on the wheel.

The CAR GUYS Cleaner does not have any conditioner, whereas the Adam’s Leather Care Kit comes in different bottles. But Chemical Guys put them together in the same box. Still, we have listed it in number three because some of you may not want to use a cleaner and conditioner together.

However, the Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner and Protectant uses a dry-to-the-touch formula that is easy to apply, removes dirt and grime efficiently, and dries fast after applying.

Besides, it comes with a fresh baby powder scent that leaves a pleasant smell after use. Moreover, its extra layer of protection over the surface helps your steering wheel prevent fading.


  • It does not leave sticky or greasy residues after cleaning
  • It does not leave any artificial shine on the leather to bluff you
  • It provides long-lasting UV protection to the steering wheel
  • The smell is light and not strong like other brands that are bothering
  • It can be used on various surfaces including the touchscreen


  • The cap quality is not satisfactory and can break if not handled carefully
  • It requires several attempts to clean strong stains

4. Carfidant Ultimate Leather Cleaner for Automotive Interiors

Carfidant Ultimate Leather Cleaner

Key specs:

  • Brand: Carfidant
  • Application areas: Genuine leather, bonded leather, vinyl, sensatec, and durablend
  • Sizes available: 18oz
  • Package includes: A bottle of Carfidant Ultimate Leather Cleaner and a microfibre towel

Carfidant Ultimate Leather Cleaner filters all the unnecessary chemicals and only uses the ones that are necessary to clean the stains on your steering wheel. It is the only eco-friendly leather cleaner on this list.

All of the cleaners above use a lot of chemicals that result in extra smell and shine. But the Carfident does not have any unpleasant smell, which means it is completely odor free.

However, due to not using harsh chemicals, this product is lighter in strength and that is why we have listed it as number four. But it still is strong enough to remove dirt, debris, and grim from the steering wheel.

The Carfidant Ultimate Leather Cleaner is specifically made for automotive interiors, meaning you can use it on your leather steering wheel as well as on the leather seats.

However, due to its light nature, we recommend using it only on light stains. If your steering wheel has a deep or strong grime or stain, then you should pick any of the top three cleaners.


  • It works efficiently on every color of leather, including black, off-white, gray, etc.
  • It does not leave any unpleasant scents
  • It is soft and is absolutely safe for application on sensitive materials
  • It leaves a shiny natural effect that looks great


  • It is overpriced

5. Sonax (206141) Upholstery and Alcantara Cleaner

Sonax (206141) Upholstery and Alcantara Cleaner

Key specs:

  • Brand: ‎Sonax
  • Application areas: Fabric and Alcantara
  • Sizes available: 8.4oz
  • Package includes: A bottle of Sonax Upholstery and Alcantara Cleaner

If your vehicle’s steering wheel cover is made of Alcantara, then the Sonax Upholstery and Alcantara Cleaner can be the best choice for you. It may not work effectively on leather but is highly efficient on different fabrics and Alcantara.

The key difference between Sonax and other top brand products such as the CAR GUYS, Adam’s Polishes, and Chemical Guys is that they focus on leather steering wheels while Sonax focuses on Alcantara steering wheels. It is a little bit pricier considering the small bottle and that is why we have placed it in fifth position.

Nonetheless, the Sonax Upholstery and Alcantara Cleaner efficiently cleans the dirt, debris, and grime from the Alcantara surface and gives you a soft and suede feel.

It is quite efficient in cleaning stubborn stains and bringing back the original color of the fabric. Besides, similar to the Carfidant Leather Cleaner, it also does not leave any unpleasant smell after cleaning.


  • It does not leave any sticky residues after use
  • It provides a soft and matte finish that looks great
  • It brings back the original grippy and textured feeling of the fabric
  • It also lifts off the oily residues to clean the steering wheel


  • The instruction on the bottle is quite small and tough to read

Honorable mentions: A table of Chart

Besides the top 5 steering wheel cleaners above, there are a few more products worth trying. The honorable mentions are:

Steering wheel cleanerBest featuresPrice
Lexol Leather Conditioner and Leather Cleaner KitLeather cleaner & conditioner come in a separated bottle Easily spreads over the leather for a more convenient cleaning It does not leave a harsh odorClick here
TriNova Leatherette, Vinyl and Faux Leather Cleaner & ConditionerLeather cleaner & conditioner come in a separate bottle Easily spreads over the leather for a more convenient cleaning It does not leave a harsh odorClick here
WeatherTech TechCare Leather Conditioner with Aloe VeraIt is only a conditioner and not a cleaner Protects the steering wheel from stains and fading water blade included is flexible and easy to useClick here

Steering Wheel Cleaner Buyers Guide

Finding the best steering wheel cleaner from tons of products in the market can be tough. But we have done the work for you and reviewed the top products above.

However, you should not pick a cleaner from the list. First, you need to check two things, and then you can proceed to buy.

The most important factors to consider while buying a steering wheel cleaner are:

  • Type of steering wheel material

First, you must know what material your steering wheel uses. Genuine leather and faux leather or fake leather are the most common materials for steering wheels.

If any product says it is a leather cleaner, it is likely to be suitable for both types of leather. But you still need to check as some products are specified for particular types of leather.

For instance, TriNova Leatherette is specialized in cleaning faux leather steering wheels.

Besides leather, Alcantara is also widely used as a steering wheel material. It has a soft and grippy feeling that disappears over time. But if you pick a suitable cleaner such as Sonax, then you can get the original texture back.

Nonetheless, steering wheels can also be made of plastic, wood, & synthetic resin. These are rare, but if you have any one of them, be sure to purchase a cleaner that is suitable for those materials. 

  • Type of steering wheel cleaner

Once you know what material your steering wheel uses, you can go to select the type of cleaner you want.

Steering wheel cleaners mostly come in two different variations. The first one is only cleaner and the second is a combination of cleaner & conditioner.

A cleaner will only clean the steering wheel and will not offer extra shine on the leather, nor will it protect it from future fading or sun rays. You can buy a separate bottle of conditioner and apply it for further protection.

On the other hand, some companies, such as Adam’s Polishes, mix the cleaner and conditioner in one bottle and offer two in one product. These are quite efficient as they clean and offer leather protection at the same time.

However, some people do not like the use of conditioner as it often provides a fake shine that goes away within a few days, and also, most conditioners use chemicals that are harsh for leather.

In short, first, check what material your steering wheel uses and then decide whether you want a cleaner with or without conditioner. Then you can buy the perfect cleaner for your steering wheel.

How To Clean Stained Steering Wheel with Wheel Cleaner?

Suppose you are rushing to your work and you take the coffee with you while getting into the car. But accidentally, you spill some coffee on the steering wheel!

It will surely result in a stain, and it can be worrisome for you. Can you clean stains with a steering wheel cleaner?

Of course, you can. Not only coffee stains, but you can clean any type of stain from the steering wheel using a steering wheel cleaner.

You will only need a steering wheel cleaner, a soft brush or a microfiber cloth, and a conditioner.

Once you have the items ready, follow the steps below to clean stained steering wheels:

Step 1: Dry clean the steering wheel

There will be a lot of dust covering the steering wheels. First, you need to clean the dust with a dry cloth.

Step 2: Apply steering wheel cleaner

When the steering wheel is clean, apply the steering wheel cleaner you have. You will need to spray the whole steering wheel in order to remove the stain.

While spraying, use a microfiber cloth or a soft brush to scrub the cleaner on the wheel. Try to avoid other materials for scrubbing, or else it can leave scratch marks on the wheel.

You may need to leave the cleaner for a while to set it on the surface. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for further information.

If the stain is strong, applying the cleaner once may not be enough. In that case, repeat this step 2-3 times and finally wipe off everything with the microfiber cloth.

Step 3: Apply conditioner

Lastly, apply a conditioner on the steering wheel. It will give the wheel a shiny look and will also protect the steering wheel from further damage.

How To Choose The Best Steering Wheel Cleaner?

You may have decided what kind of steering wheel cleaner you want after determining the material your wheel uses and the type of cleaner you want.

It will shorten the list for you, but you may still be confused about which product to buy.

There are a lot of things to consider when buying the best steering wheel cleaners. For instance, both the CAR GUYS Super Cleaner and Adam’s Leather Care Kit sound awesome.

Then which one should you choose?

Let me help you to make the decision.

The following are some of the factors you should consider while choosing the best steering wheel cleaner:

  • Application flexibility

Different steering wheel cleaners come with a variety of application flexibility. While some of them are all-purpose cleaners suitable for all surfaces, others are designed for particular materials such as leather or Alcantara.

Although you can better utilize the all-purpose cleaner, I personally prefer using specialized cleaners that are particularly made for the material of my steering wheel. They are like tailored dresses that always fit better than readymade ones.

However, if you plan to go on full detailing of the car, including exterior and interior, then an all-purpose cleaner such as the CAR GUYS Super Cleaner is obviously the better choice.

  • Odor/scent

Most of the steering wheel cleaners, especially those with conditioners, come with strong smells. While some people like the smell, others do not.

You should determine whether you want to feel the smell of new leather after cleaning or want an odorless steering wheel cleaner. Then you can pick your favorite product.

  • Shine

Some cleaners also tend to produce an artificial shine on the leather after cleaning. It can often be deceiving for you. You will think that the cleaner has done a great job, but a few days later, the shine will disappear.

Try to avoid steering wheel cleaners that result in excessive shine, as they do not last long. Besides, these cleaners also use harsh chemicals to produce shine. These chemicals are mostly harmful to the sensitive material of the steering wheel.

  • Brand image

Many may not accept it, but the brand image also matters when you are buying a product. In the case of automotive cleaning products, CAR GUYS, Chemical Guys, and Adam’s Polishes are some of the popular names, and you can rely on their products.

  • Price

Steering wheel cleaners are usually not pricey. You will find most cleaners between $10 to $20. If you are on a tight budget, you can try something cheaper such as the Adam’s Leather Care Kit, or if you have enough budget, you can go for the pricier options.

Key benefits of using a steering wheel cleaner

Are you still not sure whether you should use a steering wheel cleaner?

The feeling is normal if it is your first time cleaning the steering wheel. Various other methods are also available for cleaning.

But why use a steering wheel cleaner?

Some of the reasons why you should use a steering wheel cleaner are:

1. Easy to use

The first reason why I prefer steering wheel cleaner over any other method is that it is easy to use. You do not need to go to any service center or no need to hire anyone to use it.

You can get the product from any general or auto store near your home or order online. Then you can clean the steering wheel at your home without needing the help of anyone. As I explained in the beginning, the cleaning process is pretty easy to follow.

2. Less expensive

It is also the least expensive way to clean your car’s steering wheel. For instance, steering wheel steam cleaning can cost around $20 to $100, whereas steering wheel cleaning products cost roughly around $10 to $20.

Moreover, you can use a bottle multiple times to clean the steering wheel. It is undoubtedly the most cost-efficient method.

3. Improves the overall interior appearance

When you drive a car, you spend most of your time in front of the steering wheel. If it is dirty, then the whole interior will look ugly to you, even if they are clean.

Using the steering wheel cleaner helps you keep the wheel clean & shining, which improves the overall look of the interior.

4. Prevents leather fading and damage

The leather on the steering wheel tends to fade after a few months of use. But if you regularly keep it clean with a steering wheel cleaner, then it will prevent fading and discoloration.

Besides, the components in the cleaner create a protective layer on top of the leather that prevents unwanted damage. It increases the durability of the steering wheel leather.

5. A clean steering wheel is safer for driving

Lastly, a dirty steering wheel often feels sticky or greasy and makes you uncomfortable while driving. It can distract you and cause accidents.

But you do not face such issues when you are removing dirt or grime regularly using a steering wheel cleaner. It promotes safe driving.

What’s the best way to clean a steering wheel?

The best way to clean a steering wheel is by using a steering wheel cleaner. Besides, you also can try soapy water at home.

First, dip a towel in the soapy water and then scrub the dirt or grime on the steering wheel. Then wipe away the water using a dry towel.

However, this method is not very effective. It can leave residues on the wheel or may also damage the leather if you use too harsh soap.

In short, using the steering wheel cleaner is always the best option. It cleans the leather efficiently and safely. 

What is the best leather cleaner to clean steering wheel?

The Lexol Leather Cleaner Kit is one of the best leather cleaners to clean steering wheels. Use a leather brush or a microfibre cloth with it to get the best result.

Always try using a conditioner after cleaning. But if you are frustrated by the greasy feeling that the conditioner leaves, use a light amount of cleaner after using the conditioner. It will remove the greasy or sticky residues.

Leather steering wheel care suggestions?

It is essential to take care of the leather steering wheel properly or else it can get damaged too quickly. Here are some suggestions on how to take care of the leather steering wheel:

  1. Always try to use a leather cleaner for cleaning the steering wheel. All-purpose cleaners are okay but not the best option for leather.
  2. Use a microfiber cloth or sponge while cleaning the steering wheel. Regular towels can be harsh on the leather and can damage it. But microfiber cloth is soft and keeps the leather fine.
  3. Regularly clean the leather steering wheel to keep it in tip-top condition. Try cleaning it with a dry towel once a day. Besides, clean with a leather steering wheel cleaner once a month.
  4. Do not put extra force while rubbing or wiping during cleaning. Try to be gentle, or it will damage the leather.
  5. Use a conditioner after cleaning the leather steering wheel. It will give the leather a shinier appearance and will also protect it from future damage.


What chemicals are in Wheel Cleaner?

Steering wheel cleaners are usually based on an Alkaline formula. They contain detergents, glycol ether, and alkaline materials such as sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and/or any of the alkaline silicates and phosphates. The pH of these cleaners usually ranges from 3.5 to 6.

How do I clean 16 years of dirt off this steering wheel?

You will need a degreaser such as Chemical Guys CLD_201_16 Signature Series Orange Degreaser, a scrub brush, and a towel. Follow the steps below to clean 16 years of dirt off this steering wheel:

Step 1: Soak a towel in the degreaser and rub it on the wheel or directly spray it.

Step 2: Let the degreaser set for a while, and then gently scrub with the brush.

Step 3: Wipe off with the towel and repeat the process a few times to completely remove the dirt.

How to clean the Mercedes steering wheel?

Most Mercedes use an Alcantara steering wheel and you will need an Alcantara steering wheel cleaner to clean it. You can use the Sonax cleaner, which is pretty good. Spray a little bit of the cleaner on a microfiber towel and gently rub it on the wheel for cleaning.

How to clean the fabric steering wheel cover?

A little bit of soapy water or liquid detergent is okay for cleaning a fabric steering wheel. Scrub the liquid onto the fabric using a bristle brush, and the dirt, oil, or grime will come off easily. You may need a steering wheel cleaner only for stubborn stains.

How do I moisturize my steering wheel?

You can use a conditioner to moisturize your steering wheel. First, clean the steering wheel and then apply a little bit of leather conditioner to it. It will protect the wheel from cracking and fading.

Final verdict

We have reviewed a total of 8 best steering wheel cleaners and all of them perform excellently well. However, among these options, Adam’s Leather Care Kit is my personal favorite. That is because it has a separate bottle for the cleaner and conditioner. I can use them however I want. It also costs lower than the CAR GUYS Super Cleaner.

Not to mention, I will pick the CAR GUYS Super Cleaner if I decide to do full interior or exterior detailing. Apart from these, Sonax is recommended for people with an Alcantara steering wheel.

Whichever you pick, remember never to use an excessive amount of cleaner or conditioner. It can damage the steering wheel.

We hope this article helped you to learn how to clean a steering wheel using the best steering wheel cleaner to give it a brand-new feeling.