How To Open A Honda Civic Door From Outside Without A Key?

Have you locked yourself out of the Honda Civic? It often happens to car owners. Many people spend hundreds of dollars behind a locksmith or break the door. But there are easier ways to fix the problem, even if you do not have the key. Now you must be thinking, ‘How to open a Honda Civic door’ from the outside without a key?

The best way to open a Honda Civic door without a key is to make a little bit of space on top of the door and insert an access tool such as a rod or a large scale. Then pull the knob using the tool, and it will unlock.

But how do you make the space, and what tool to use? First, calm down and then scroll down to check all the methods to open a Honda Civic door from the outside without a key. I will discuss three different methods and will also tell you alternative solutions if you fail to pull the tricks.

How to open a Honda Civic door: Top 3 methods

How to open a Honda Civic door

When looking for ways to open a Honda Civic door, I found a lot of articles that talk about how you can unlock the popup or push button door knob from the outside. But most Honda Civics has a lever door knob. Hence, I need to do a little more digging to find the following methods that actually work.

Method 1: Airbag shim

Airbag shim is the safest way to open a Honda Civic door from the outside without any key. It does not have the risk of damaging the door. If you do not have an airbag shim, then you can buy the Calculated Industries Air Shim Inflatable Pry Bar and Leveling Tool. Once you have the shim, follow the steps below to unlock the Honda Civic door:

Step 1: Place the airbag

First, slide the airbag through the space on the side of the door to the inside. Keep the door half inside and half outside so it can create space when you put air in the bag.

Step 2: Pump the bag 

Now, start pumping air into the bag. As you fill the bag with air, it will be inflated and create pressure on the door to make a space. When there is a little bit of space, stop pumping.

Step 3: Insert a tool & unlock

Now you can insert an access tool rod or metal scale inside and use it to pull the lever door lock knob. Then pull the door handle from the outside, and it will open.

You can watch this video to get a better idea.

Method 2: Plastic wedges

If you do not want to buy an airbag shim, then you can use plastic wedges. You also can use metal wedges. But that can leave scratches on the door. Get two pieces of Felled Spiked Tree Felling Wedges and follow the steps below to unlock the door in Honda Civic.

Step 1: Insert the wedges

First, insert the wedges inside from the top of the door. Then remove one and again insert it from the side of the door to ensure there is enough space to insert a scale from the top of the door. You also can use flat-head screwdrivers as an alternative.

Step 2: Insert an access tool

Now, use a large, strong scale or rod whose top is slightly curved. Insert it into the car and use the curved top to pull the door lock knob. It will unlock the door of your Honda Civic.

Step 3: Unlock the door

Finally, open the door using the handle outside. Pull it as usual, and the door will open. You can check this video on unlocking car doors to understand the process better.

Method 3: String

Earlier, I told you that the Honda Civic uses a lever-style or flip-type door lock knob, which is why methods 1 and 2 are the best ways to unlock them. However, some of the cars may have a pop-up or push-button type door knob beside the window. In that case, you use a long string or a shoelace.

Once you have either of the items, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Make a loop

First, make a loop in the middle of the string that you can tighten later only by pulling the string. Keep it small, as you will need it to put on the knob.

Step 2: Insert in the car

Now, pull the top corner of the door and insert the string. Then hold the string at a 45-degree angle and try sliding it downward. Take it closer to the doorknob. If the loop gets far from the knob, slide it towards the knob and then slide the loop to the knob. Then pull the string to tighten the loop on the door lock knob.

Step 3: Pull the knob

Lastly, pull up the string to pick up the knob to unlock the door. If the loop gets out, try it again and ensure you tighten the string properly this time. Check out this video to better understand the unlocking process.

How to open a Honda Civic door when the key fob is dead?

All the methods above are useful when you have locked the door of your Honda Civic and do not have the key fob with you. But sometimes, you may have the key fob with you, but it is dead. In that case, there is an easy way to unlock the door.

Many people do not know, but there is a key inside the fob. Press the button on the side of the key fob and pull the key. Then pull the door handle, and you will find a keyhole underneath. Put the key in the hole, twist it, and the Honda Civic door is unlocked.

Here is the video explaining the full process.

How do you unlock a Honda car without the key?

How do you unlock a Honda car without the key

I have explained several DIY methods to unlock the Honda Civic car without the key. But if you have failed to follow them or do not want to go through the hassle, then you can call a locksmith.

However, locksmiths tend to ask for a handful of money to unlock car doors. It is better to negotiate the rate with them before unlocking your Honda Civic.

Can You Unlock Your Car Door with a Tennis Ball?

No, you can not unlock your car door using a tennis ball. Earlier, one YouTube video claimed to unlock a car’s door using a tennis ball. But that is fake. If it were true, then most of the Civics would have been stolen when anyone parked them outside.


1. How do you open the trunk of a Honda Civic from the outside?

You can use the key fob to open the trunk of a Honda Civic from the outside. Press and hold the trunk release button on the key fob, and it will open the trunk. Besides, you can also pull up the release handle on the trunk below the Honda logo.

Check our other article on how to open honda crv trunk from inside.

2. Can I open my Honda with my phone?

Yes, you can use the HondaLink app on your phone to open your Honda. You need to subscribe to the app to enjoy its features. The subscription cost for HondaLink starts at $89 per year.

3. How do I get into my locked Honda?

You need to find a way to insert something inside the car with a curved edge. Then you can pull the door lock knob to unlock it and get into the Honda car.