How to Deal with an Annoying Honda Civic Alarm Keeps Going Off! [Causes & Solutions]

It’s annoying when your Honda Civic alarm keeps going off out of nowhere. For a moment, you may think someone is trying to steal your vehicle, but it’s not. Then why does the Honda Civic alarm keep going off?

A faulty hood latch connection or a bad trunk switch can cause the Honda Civic alarm to keep going off. Dirt and debris can get stuck in the switch and cause this issue. Clean them or replace the switch to stop the alarm.

However, these are only two reasons why you have this annoying problem with your Honda Civic. 

How the Honda Civic alarm system works

How the Honda Civic alarm system works

The Honda Civic alarm system is an excellent security feature. It warns you about any unauthorized activity in the car.

The alarm system has three main sensors: a shock sensor, a glass breakage sensor, and a motion sensor. If any of these sensors are triggered, the alarm will turn on.

For example, if someone forcefully tries to open the door, trunk, or hood, it will activate the alarm. Trying to break the glasses will also trigger the alarm.

Why does my Honda Civic alarm keeps going off for no reason, and how to solve it?

Why does my Honda Civic alarm keeps going off for no reason, and how to solve it

When you find your Honda Civic alarm keeps going off suddenly, you may think it is happening without any reason. But that is wrong. Something must have triggered the sensor, or there is something wrong with the car.

If no one is trying to break into your car, then the following are the most probable reasons why your Honda Civic alarm randomly goes off:

  1. A faulty sensor

The most common reason why Honda Civic alarms unnecessarily go off is a faulty sensor. Maybe the shock sensor, glass breakage sensor, or motion sensor is not working properly.

It can be tough to identify which sensor is faulty. In this case, the best solution is to take your Civic to a mechanic who will check all the sensors and fix them. 

  1. Faulty hood latch connection

The Honda Civic has a hood latch connection sensor. When someone tries to open the hood forcefully or you start driving the car without closing the hood properly, then it can trigger the alarm.

If you have closed the hood and the alarm keeps going off, then probably the hood latch connection is faulty. Check the hood latch and try to open and close the hood several times to see if it fixes the issue.

However, a dirty hood latch is one of the most common reasons why you may face this situation. Take a look at the hood switch and clean the dirt or debris. Then try to close the hood, and it should solve the problem.

Another reason is a damaged hood switch. Due to hard bumping or excessive opening and closing of the door, the hood latch or switch can get damaged. You will need to replace the switch to solve this problem.

  1. ECU malfunction

The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) or body control module of the Honda Civic is a mechanism that monitors and controls various functions of the car. It controls the sensors, engine performance, alarm system, etc.

A malfunction in the ECU can cause the alarm to go off without any reason. Maybe there is corrosion in the pins, or the connection is loose. Such problems often occur after a battery change.

In the event that you have a faulty ECU, you need to repair the module. Sometimes only reprogramming the module can fix the problem.Visit a mechanic, as the control module is slightly complex.

  1. A dead/damaged key fob

A dead or damaged key fob is another common reason why your Civic’s alarm keeps going off. That is because the key fob is connected to the car’s alarm system.

It can happen when the battery is dead. Besides, if somehow the key fob is damaged, that can also trigger the alarm.

Try to unlock your vehicle using the spare coding key. If it stops the alarm, then you will know the key fob is the problem.

If the battery is dead, then replace it with a new one to fix the issue. But if the key fob is damaged, then repair the key fob or get a new one.

  1. A low or damaged battery

A low battery or a damaged battery connection can also cause the alarm in your Civic to keep going off.

A standard Honda Civic battery lasts about 3 to 5 years. If you haven’t changed the battery for years and you are facing a problem with the alarm system, then it is time to check the battery.

Check your Civic’s battery with a multimeter to know whether it is charged properly. If you find the battery is low, then replace it to solve the problem.

Also, inspect the battery terminals while checking the battery. Corrosion at the terminals can also cause this problem.

Cleaning the connections with a corrosion cleaner will solve the issue. You also can use baking soda and water as a DIY solution to clean corroded battery connections. 

  1. Faulty wiring

Faulty wiring can also trigger the alarm in your Honda Civic. It can happen due to an electric malfunction or engine overheating. Besides, many Honda owners said rodents chewed their car’s wire.

Initially, you can open the hood and check for faulty wiring. You can also check the wiring around the dashboard.

If you fail to find any fault in the wiring, you should check it with the mechanic to ensure everything is alright.

  1. Bad trunk switch

Similar to the hood latch, the Honda Civic also has a sensor attached to the trunk switch. When anyone tries to break into the trunk, or you do not close it properly, the alarm may go off.

Check the trunk to see whether it is closing properly or not. If not, then clean the switch and then try again. If the sound still does not stop, then maybe the switch is damaged. You need to replace it to fix the alarm problem.

  1. RFI & EMR

RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) can also trigger the alarm system in a Honda Civic.

If you park your car near any overhead power connection or where RFI is being generated, it can drive the alarm insane. Try to park your car somewhere else to stop the alarm from going off.

However, if this is happening at your home, try to look around to see if any of your neighbors are HAM radio operators. If yes, set the alarm off, and it will stop the noise.

  1. Poor alarm system installation

If you have recently changed or installed a new alarm system and are having this issue, it is possible that the system was installed poorly.

It often happens when you install an aftermarket alarm system in your car. They are usually not well-fitted, and that triggers the alarm.

In this situation, you need to reinstall the alarm system. If that does not solve the problem, maybe you are using the wrong alarm system, and you need to change it.

How do I stop my Honda alarm from going off?

How do I stop my Honda alarm from going off

I have already provided the solution to each problem above. In short, if the alarm keeps going off in your Honda Civic, you should try the following solutions:

  1. Repair the sensors
  2. Clean the hood latch
  3. Replace the hood switch
  4. Repair or reprogram ECU
  5. Unlock your vehicle with spare keys
  6. Change the key fob battery
  7. Charge or replace the battery
  8. Fix wirings
  9. Clean trunk switch
  10. Replace the trunk switch
  11.  Park your car from RFI or EMR
  12. Reinstall the alarm system

However, if these solutions do not work, then you can try the following alternative solutions:

  1. Disconnect the battery: Sometimes, disconnecting the battery and keeping it off for 20 to 30 minutes solves the issue. Open the hood and find the battery. Then use a wrench to disconnect the negative terminal first and then the positive terminal. Reconnect the terminals after half an hour to check if the alarm stops.
  2. Disable the alarm: As a last resort, you can disable the alarm system in your Honda Civic. Open the hood, and you will find a plug connector by the hood latch. Disconnect it, and the alarm will think the hood is always open. It will disable the alarm temporarily.

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What to do if the alarm keeps going off despite attempts to fix it?

If all the methods fail and the alarm keeps going off, you should visit a service center to fix the problem. You will get a free repair from the Honda dealership if the warranty is still active.

Even if the warranty is not active, tell the Honda service center mechanics that you will not pay anything for checking the problem. When you know what is wrong, pay for fixing it only.


  1. Is the Honda Civic alarm covered under warranty?

Yes, Honda covers the defect in the alarm system caused by the manufacturer. You can get a free replacement for various Honda genuine parts of the alarm system. However, if you caused any physical damage, you may not get the benefit.

  1. Does car alarm drain battery?

Yes! Car alarms can drain the battery, but not very much. Although the default alarm system may not cause any problems, aftermarket car alarm systems can cause unusual battery drain.

  1. Why does the Honda Civic alarm keeps going off while driving?

A low battery, a faulty sensor, or faulty wiring are some of the reasons why the Honda Civic keeps going off while driving. You can ignore the alarm for a while, but you should check the issue as soon as you get time.