Costco Car Battery Reviews: Do They Maximize Your Car’s Performance?

The battery is the heart of the car. Choosing the right battery from a trusted brand or manufacturer is crucial for maximizing your car’s performance.  However, it might be difficult to select the best automotive battery brand for your vehicles. But I believe that when it comes to OEM car batteries, you can put your trust in Costco. 

Interstate batteries are sold at Costco, and the Costco car battery reviews are unquestionably satisfactory. Free-flowing fluid and pure lead result in excellent performance. Additionally, the grid and fiberglass mat guarantee increased durability. Their warranty policy is also better than others.

However, can these batteries really help you get the maximum performance from your car? What makes Costco batteries better than others? Sit tight, as we will be answering all your questions. Today, we will be reviewing Costco batteries and helping you find the right battery for your car.

Costco Car Batteries: A Short Overview

Costco Car Batteries: A Short Overview

Costco Wholesale Corporation is one of the largest retailers in the world. It sells various products, including automotive batteries.

However, Costco does not manufacture the battery. Instead, Costco sells Interstate car batteries.

Interstate is a battery manufacturer and seller. They sell batteries for cars, off-road vehicles, garden equipment, marines, etc. They have their own showroom and also sell them through Costco.

You can find two types of Interstate car batteries at Costco:

1. Standard flooded battery

The standard flooded battery is a sealed battery with free-flowing liquid. Most cars use this type of battery.

3. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery

AGM battery is an advanced type of lead acid battery that has a glass fiber separator between the positive and negative plates to absorb the acid. AGM batteries are typically needed for luxury vehicles.

You can buy any type that your vehicle requires.

Costco Car Battery Reviews: What Are The Key Features?

Different Costco batteries include different features. Depending on the type, we have divided the key features of Costco Interstate batteries into two sections.

Let’s take a closer look at the essential qualities that distinguish Costco’s Standard Flooded and AGM batteries as some of the best on the market: 

1. Standard Flooded Battery

  • Free-flowing liquid design: The free-flowing liquid technology in the Interstate batteries makes them have a longer lifespan. It also ensures the battery has a lower internal discharge rate.
  • Sealed structure: Costco’s Interstate batteries come completely sealed. That means they are maintenance-free, and you do not need to top up liquid every few days. You can install the battery and drive your car without any worries. 
  • Durable grids: The standard flooded battery also uses high-quality, durable grids that not only improve the battery’s efficiency but also ensure a longer service. 
  • Safety ventilation: Batteries often get damaged or blown out during recharge due to the accumulation of hydrogen gas inside the battery. But the Costco Interstate batteries have a safety ventilation system that prevents gas buildup and protects the battery. 

2. Absorbed Glass Mat Battery

  • Pure lead: The AGM batteries use pure lead, which ensures maximum efficiency. They have a longer lifespan than any other normal battery. Pure lead is also good for the environment, as it is recyclable.
  • More ultra-thin plates: Due to using pure lead, Interstate can add ultra-thin plates to the batteries. They use these advantages to add as many thin plates as possible. It enables the AGM batteries to produce greater power.
  • Fiberglass mat cushions: Costco Interstate uses strong fiberglass mat cushions in the AGM batteries to increase their strength and make them more durable. Besides, the liquid is absorbed into the mats to make the battery more efficient.
  • Vibration resistant: The unique construction of Costco’s AGM batteries makes them vibration resistant. It keeps them safe, even if you are driving on rough terrain.

Are Interstate Batteries at Costco Good?

Are Interstate Batteries at Costco Good

Yes. Costco Interstate batteries are a great option for your car because of their excellent efficiency and exceptional durability.

Some of the reasons why Costco’s Interstate batteries can be the best choice for your car include:

1. Superior Performance

When you are starting the engine, the spark plug requires a massive amount of energy. The Interstate batteries are so powerful that they always meet the starting needs or sometimes even exceed them. It lets you start your car smoothly.

Besides, the free-flowing liquid design and high-quality grids ensure greater performance. In terms of AGM batteries, pure lead and more thin plates can provide the performance you expect from a top-class car battery.

2. Excellent Durability

Costco’s Interstate batteries also have fantastic durability. Nowadays, it is quite common that car batteries run well for a few months, and then the voltage gets low, or the battery gets damaged. But you do not have to face such troubles with Costco’s Interstate.

These batteries use pure lead, high-quality grids, and strong fiberglass mat cushions to ensure you get long service from the batteries. Besides, the safety ventilation and vibration resistance add extra durability to them.

3. Affordable Pricing

Costco’s Interstate batteries are quite affordable compared to other brands. Although some of the AGM models can be expensive, the standard flooded batteries, and many of the AGM batteries also come at a low price.

Customer Reviews for Costco Car Batteries

Customer reviews for Costco car batteries have been pretty decent. Although some customers weren’t pleased, the majority said they had a good experience with them.

One of the customers said he purchased the battery from Costco for his Subaru Forester and is satisfied with the performance.

However, another customer had bad luck, and two cells of the battery were gone within the first 12 months. But the good thing is that he got a replacement, which is working fine.

Not to mention, most of the customers are satisfied with Costco’s services. Whether you go to buy a new battery or claim a warranty, employees at Costco are super helpful.

How Do Costco Car Batteries Compare to Other Leading Brands?

How Do Costco Car Batteries Compare to Other Leading Brands

Walmart car batteries are one of Costco’s top competitors. Here’s a detailed discussion of how they compare side-by-side:


Both Walmart and Costco car batteries provide long-lasting performance. However, a test between Walmart Everstart Battery and Costco Interstate Battery shows that the latter is in slightly better condition after three years of usage.


Walmart batteries are slightly more expensive than Costco car batteries. Although it varies from model to model, you may need to spend an extra $20 to $30 if you buy from Walmart.


Finding the right battery at Walmart can be challenging. But Costco Interstate has a battery finder feature on their website to find the right one for your car within a few seconds.

Warranty Policy

Both brands offer a free replacement warranty for up to 3 years. But you get an extra 2-year prorated warranty at Walmart. If your battery is damaged after three years, you will get an extra discount for a new purchase at Walmart.

Customer Service

The customer service at Costco is better than Walmart. Many car owners reported that they had a tough time when they went to Walmart to claim their warranty. But in the case of Costco, customers got a replacement without being asked many questions.

How Do I Know Which Costco Battery I Need?

If you visit a Costco location, they will identify the model of your car and let you know which battery you need.

You can also check it from home using Costco’s Battery Finder feature. Put your car’s information there, and it will tell you which battery you need for your car.

How Do You Order a Car Battery at Costco?

You can order an Interstate battery at your nearest Costco store. Ask the salesperson to assist you in locating the battery for your car when you visit the store and head to the automotive department. Then they will assist you with the purchase.

Does Costco Install Car Batteries?

Does Costco Install Car Batteries

Unfortunately, Costco does not install car batteries. They are retailers and only sell products. You either need to install the battery yourself or take the battery to a mechanic for installation.


1. Does Costco still have the best deals on car batteries?

Yes. Costco offers one of the best deals on car batteries. If you have a membership at Costco, you can get car batteries cheaper than in other places.

2. How long do Costco car batteries last?

Costco batteries last around 3 to 5 years on average. However, depending on a number of variables like temperature and the intensity of use, the period may be shorter or longer.

3. Can you return a dead car battery to Costco?

Yes. If the battery is dead due to a workmanship defect, you can return it to Costco and get a free replacement. Their warranty policy is excellent.

4. Are Costco car batteries fully charged?

Yes. Costco car batteries come fully charged and are ready to install when you purchase them. However, if you find the battery is not fully charged, that probably means it has been on the shelf for a few months.

5. Where does Costco keep car batteries?

You can find the batteries in the automotive section at Costco. They usually keep the car batteries on the lower shelves. If you fail to find them, you can ask a salesperson to assist you.