Are Duracell Car Batteries Good? -Interstate Vs Duracell

Are you irritated about your car battery dying on you in the middle of nowhere? If this is the case, you are not alone. Regarding car batteries, two essential things that every car owner seeks are longevity and dependability. With so many alternatives, selecting the correct battery for your vehicle may be difficult. Question – “Are Duracell car batteries good?”

Duracell has been identified with long-lasting batteries for decades.

Duracell has a long history of developing long-lasting batteries that resist harsh environments. Duracell car batteries are engineered to guarantee continuous performance even in severe temperatures and challenging driving situations, making them a popular choice among drivers looking for a reliable battery.

In this blog post, I’ll examine Duracell car batteries and whether they live up to the company’s reputation for quality and dependability. So buckle up, and let’s dive in!

Who Makes Duracell Batteries?

Duracell car batteries are the creations of Philip Rogers Mallory and Samuel Ruben, who began manufacturing alkaline manganese batteries and mercury cells in 1920. Source

East Penn, a well-known manufacturer of lead-acid batteries and other automobile equipment, manufactures Duracell batteries.

East Penn and Duracell have an agreement under which Duracell may use its brand name on automotive batteries manufactured and supplied by East Penn.

This collaboration utilizes Duracell’s outstanding reputation for quality and durability to provide consumers with a premium automobile battery choice supported by East Penn’s experience in battery production.

East Penn’s Duracell car batteries are designed to match or exceed original equipment manufacturers’ performance and quality criteria (OEMs).

They come in a variety of sizes and combinations to accommodate most vehicles.

Are Duracell Car Batteries Good?

Are Duracell Car Batteries Good

Yes, Duracell car batteries are considered good batteries. They have integrated car batteries into their product portfolio, recognized for their dependability and lifespan.

Duracell car batteries utilize superior technology and materials to provide consistent and dependable performance.

Duracell car batteries are built to endure severe temperatures, making them ideal for use in various regions. They are also made to last, with a strong design that assures long-term performance.

Duracell batteries are also developed with safety in mind, with features like a flame arrestor and a built-in hydrometer to help avoid overcharging and maintain optimum electrolyte levels.

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Pros of Duracell Batteries

 Duracell car batteries offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice among car owners.

The benefits are as follows:

Wide Selection of Batteries

Duracell has a large number of car batteries to choose from, guaranteeing that there is a battery for every makes and model of vehicle.

They sell batteries for automobiles, SUVs, trucks, and marine and RV batteries. The characteristics of different Duracell automobile batteries vary, such as cranking amps, reserve capacity, and battery group size.

This variety of options enables car owners to discover the ideal battery for their vehicle, assuring their battery’s optimum performance and lifespan.

Good Warranty Length

Duracell car batteries provide an extended guarantee period, giving car owners peace of mind. Depending on the battery model, the warranty time might range from 24 to 60 months.

This guarantee covers any manufacturing faults discovered during the warranty term. Customers can confidently buy Duracell vehicle batteries, knowing they get a high-quality product backed by a good guarantee.

You may, however, spend a little more and obtain better protection. The Advanced batteries have a four-year warranty, while the Extreme batteries have up to five years, depending on the size you want.

Reasonable Cost

Duracell car batteries are economically priced, despite their high quality. Duracell vehicle batteries provide excellent value when compared to other brands.

The price of a battery varies based on the type and specs, although they are usually reasonably priced.

They usually cost between $100 and $200, which makes Duracell car batteries an appealing alternative for car owners looking for a high-quality product without breaking the bank.

Moreover, how can we claim the price is reasonable if we also tell you it’s higher? Considering how many years and miles you will get out of the battery might be a better bargain than some extremely cheap vehicle batteries.

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Different Types of Duracell Batteries

Different Types of Duracell Batteries

Duracell offers various car battery options, each designed to meet the specific needs of different types of vehicles and driving conditions.

Duracell Starter Batteries

Duracell Starter batteries are intended for use in standard cars that do not require much power.

These batteries are the most cost-effective option and are ideal for people who drive short distances or have no high-powered vehicle accessories.

The Duracell Starter battery is considered the entry-level alternative. It’s a dependable battery at a reasonable cost, great for any budget-conscious driver.

Even if there are many vibrations, the innovative four-chamber construction eliminates leaking. There is also plenty of safety incorporated into the primary venting system.

This range contains 12 sizes with capacities ranging from 44 Ah to 95 Ah.

Duracell Advanced Batteries

Duracell Advanced batteries are intended for vehicles requiring more power than average vehicles.

These batteries offer more advanced characteristics, such as increased cranking power, exceptional longevity, and resilience to severe temperatures.

They are ideal for people who drive frequently or have a lot of high-powered accessories in their automobiles. Most customers consider this to be the ideal blend of value and performance.

The Advanced range has a double lid for further security. The acid should remain in place even if you turn your battery upside down.

Also, the cold-cranking amps have been improved over previous models. You can choose from a battery capacity of 40 Ah to 110 Ah, which provides an excellent range than the Standard versions.

Duracell Extreme EFB Batteries

Duracell Extreme EFB Batteries are intended for use in cars equipped with start-stop technology.

Several current automobiles include start-stop technology, which switches off the engine when idle, decreasing fuel usage and pollutants.

These batteries are built to withstand the additional demands of start-stop technology while providing good cycle performance to ensure the battery lasts longer.

Compared to ordinary car batteries, this battery has double the cycle resistance. It also has a double lid construction that prevents acid leaking.

You can choose from eight types ranging from 38 Ah to 85 Ah, indicating that it is not intended for anything too significant.

Duracell Extreme AGM Batteries

Duracell Extreme AGM Batteries

Duracell Extreme AGM Batteries are designed for highly electrically demanded cars. These batteries include Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, which outperforms ordinary batteries in terms of performance and longevity.

They are perfect for high-performance cars and vehicles with numerous extras such as GPS, stereo, and other high-powered electrical gadgets.

The cycle resistance of the Extreme AGM battery is three times that of ordinary batteries. Moreover, the electrolytes are bound together using glass nonwoven materials, reducing internal resistance and more considerable starting powers.

They are available in capacities ranging from 60 Ah to 105 Ah, demonstrating that high-power versions may simply rely on the AGM architecture.

What Is The Warranty Period of Duracell Batteries?

Battery TypeWarranty Length
Duracell StarterUp to 2 Years
Duracell AdvancedUp to 3 Years
Duracell Extreme EFBUp to 4 Years
Duracell Extreme AGMUp to 5 years

The warranty length of a Duracell car battery varies depending on the type of battery. According to their website, the standard warranty for defects in material and quality under regular use and service is 2 years for the original purchaser.

It is recommended to check the warranty information on the battery’s receipt or with the manufacturer to determine the specific warranty length for a particular battery.

How Do Duracell Batteries Compare With Other Batteries?

NameWarrantyAverage Life
Duracell2 to 5 Years5 Years
Interstate2 to 6 Years6 Years
Everstart1 to 3 Years4 Years
Bosch2 to 4 Years9 Years
Duralast1 to 3 Years5 Years

Duracell vs. Interstate Automotive Battery

Interstate batteries are popular among automobile owners because of their durability and dependability.

On the other hand, Durrecognized batteries are recognized for their better power and longevity, making them a more dependable alternative for heavy-duty cars.

There are a few complaints concerning Interstate batteries, but most are about bad customer service.

Choosing Duracell batteries may be advantageous because they are the preference when comparing Duracell car batteries vs. interstate.

Duracell vs. EverStart Car Battery

Duracell vs. EverStart Car Battery

EverStart car batteries are well-known for their low cost and dependability. While less economical, Duracell batteries provide higher performance and a longer lifespan.

Duracell batteries are also built to withstand extreme weather, making them perfect for use in difficult situations.

Duracell has a qualitative advantage. EverStart batteries are less expensive. However, they may only last briefly or be as dependable as Duracell batteries.

An EverStart battery can be an excellent choice if you’re on a limited budget.

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Duracell vs. Bosch Car Battery

Bosch is a well-known automotive brand recognized for manufacturing high-quality auto parts and accessories.

Bosch vehicle batteries are well-known for their long-term durability, dependability, and ability to work effectively in harsh weather.

While comparing the two-vehicle batteries, both provide high-quality items. Nevertheless, Bosch offers a more incredible selection of automobile battery options and has a reputation for making long-lasting batteries.

On the other hand, Duracell is not as well-known for its automotive battery production as Bosch.

Duracell batteries also have a longer guarantee duration, giving vehicle owners more peace of mind.

Duracell vs. Duralast Car Batteries

Duralast vehicle batteries are popular among automobile owners because of their low cost and dependability.

On the other hand, Duracell batteries have a more extended guarantee period and a longer average battery life.

These Duralast batteries feature outstanding designs and solid construction, guaranteeing they perform well.

However, some automobile owners believe that Duracell batteries may have certain innovative features that set them apart.

Tips on How to Improve Duracell Battery Life

Tips on How to Improve Duracell Battery Life

Here are some valuable tips that will help you improve the lifespan of your car battery:

Regular maintenance:

Regularly inspecting and maintaining the car battery is critical to guaranteeing its longevity. This includes monitoring the fluid levels and assessing the battery terminals for corrosion and tightness if the battery is not maintenance-free.

Avoid short trips:

Brief travels do not enable the battery to charge fully, decreasing lifespan. Instead of making many short excursions, attempt to combine multiple errands into one trip.

Limit electronic usage:

Overuse of electrical equipment such as radios, air conditioners, and spotlights can drain the battery, reducing battery life. As a result, attempt to minimize using these gadgets when your car’s engine is not operating.

Store the car properly:

If you’re not planning to use it for an extended time, store it correctly by removing the battery or utilizing a trickle charger. This will prevent the battery from losing its charge and being damaged over time.


Where Are Duracell Batteries Made?

Duracell car batteries are made in the USA. East Penn Manufacturing has an exclusive agreement with Duracell to release batteries branded under the Duracell name.

Where Can You Buy Duracell Batteries?

Duracell car batteries can be purchased at Walmart,, Sam’s Club, and Advance Auto Parts. Additionally, you can find various options from the Duracell product line that would suit your car.

What Are The Signs of A Weak Duracell Battery?

There are several signs of a weak car battery. The most common symptoms include the battery dashboard warning indicator lighting up, the headlights and other electrical features failing to work, and the engine cranking slowing down.

Other signs include the engine being slow to start, not starting at all, sudden electrical issues, such as headlights becoming less bright, cranks or clicks but won’t start, dash lights working but the car won’t start, and more frequent jump starts.

What Can Drain The Duracell Battery?

Several things can drain a car battery. Poor maintenance, such as failing to ensure that the car battery is clean and well-maintained, can be the reason behind the battery draining when the car is off.

Continual power draw when parked, opening the doors/trunk, leaving your key close to your car, taking too many short trips, and self-discharge are some of the top things that can drain your battery. Leaving specific components or accessories on, issues in your charging system, parasitic drain, extreme temperatures, and poor battery health are common reasons to drain a car battery.